Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

Here is my artwork in honor of the day, I used CTMH Clover Meadow green and the clover itself is made from heart from the Soul Mates Word Puzzel stamp set, and yes it is one of my favorites if you have been following my blog I have used it before. I staped onto the card the hearts and then also stamped a second set which I cut out and then used pop dots to give it dimension, and the happy St Patricks day stamp is from another company.

Last year I tried making a big deal out of St. Patricks Day, by making green cupcakes and green punch and we even had green applesauce (that one was not a hit it was kiwi flavored)but the kids did not seem impressed, so I decided this year we would wear green and that would be enough for this holiday. By the way the pictures of the kids are from last year. I would have to say they did like the cupcakes as you can tell by the pictures but the whole color thing they could care less about. My children blood must be too diluted for them to realize they are part Irish, but they did not get it from me and no Zrodlowski is not Irish but Jeff's mom is.

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  1. I love the artwork in honor of the day! You are truly an artist in many ways! Those are some precious leprechauns you have there!