Friday, December 28, 2012

American Girl Doll House

This was my daughters Christmas gift from us, it was six months in planning though only four weeks to build and decorate. It is two feet deep, eight and half feet long and seven feet tall.
The kitchen appliances were from eBay and they are from the 50's.  My husband and father made the island and the cabinets hanging are from Hobby Lobby.  The hanging lights are for lockers, I used Velcro to secure them.
I stamped the walls with a stamp set from Close to My Heart.  The bed was a brass bed I painted, and the dresser was from Hobby Lobby which I painted and covered with paper.  The desk my husband made.
Made to look like Kit's room from the movie.
The floor was painted to look like tile.
The bunk beds Jeff and I made a few years ago for Emily.
I recovered the sofa and chair.  Jeff made the fireplace and the bricks I made from egg cartons.

1.I will update later with more pictures.
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