Sunday, January 11, 2009

Entering the world of blogging

Jeff convinced me tonight I should have my own blog, so with his help I am now blogging. I enjoyed the time with Jeff, and I know there will be more time spent with him creating this blog, he may regreat convincing me to start one. This is like diving off into the deepend when I have just learned to swim. I am one to learn just what I have to get by when it comes to the computer, I would be lost without Jeff (in so many ways). Though he would be lost without me when it comes to our finances. I am not sure how often I will be writting since I do not see myself as a writer but hopefully I will post pictures often of the family and of items I have created, hense the inspiration part of my bloggs name, for those of you who like to scrapbook and stamp. I am hoping to inspire some of you to get crafting.

Music and Me

I have spent the last two hours setting up my music play list and boy has it taken me back in time, how music is attached to so many memories. Emily was so excited when she heard I Am Free, I had to take a break from my selections so we could dance. I enjoy dancing with my kids, especially when they are small enough to hold, I realized before long Emily will be to big for me to pick-up and dance with, I am holding back the tears. I need to remember to dance daily with them.