Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have to admit this was not an original design I had seen this on someone else blog awhile ago. The picture does not show all of the detail in the tub, there are lines scored horizontally along the top and bottom. The bubbles are made with Liquid Applique, it puffs up when heated. Be careful you can scorch it, but that would work great if you want the toasted marshmallow look. I feel Liquid Applique is one of those under used products, maybe because so many do not know what you can do with it. So I will share some ides: you can use it to top letters to have the snow effect, icing on cupcakes, beard or hat on Santa, clouds, or just use as some dots for dimension. Do not forget you can color it with CTMH re-inkers. If you have other ideas please share. The tile floor was done using my embossing stylus, paper trimmer and sandpaper. You will have to have white core paper, place it in your paper trimmer and score a line with the stylus, using the grove where you cut your paper. Next move your paper the desired width and score again, keep repeating until all the vertical lines are done now turn paper horizontally and repeat steps. Once all lines are scored turn paper over and sand raised lines lightly. Tip make sure you score all of your lines on the same side of the paper. The towels are just a rectangle piece of paper with little cuts made along the bottom.

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