Friday, April 23, 2010

My New Scrap Area

Pegboard suspended from the floor joist to divide the room.

The ribbon is on a doll rod which Jeff cut into the studs to
hold it. The buckets hold my copic markers.

This is the kids craft area.

Part of the reason I have not posted in awhile was my scrap area was totally re-done. If you want to see the before check out this post. It was moved from one area of the basement to another to give me more space and to make it more functional. I just love my new space. I must thank my wonderful husband for helping and not grumbling while doing it. As usual while helping me with a project of mine he hurt himself and he still did not grumble. The space is almost done, the ceiling is not done but it is not in the budget anytime soon. I want to have corrugated galvanized steel put up for the ceiling. I now have great under the self lighting and some empty storage space. I already had the purple and green motif going on but was excited to find boxes and baskets in purple and green patterns at Michaels at half off so I snatched up more then I needed, so later I do not kick myself for not getting more. I painted the cement wall and the backside of the drywall from our finished side of the basement, purple. I even stained the floor a brown color, doing this in the winter was not a good idea the house smelled like stain for days but it was do it now or probably never since the area was partially cleared out.


  1. Awesome space, Carrie! I'd love to be in there right now, playing away with all of your new goodies!!!!

  2. wow what a massive craft space you have Can I come play alma x

  3. What a wonder room to work in! I love green and purple color combo.

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  5. What a beautiful use of COLOR! Such a "happy" space! Thanks so much for sharing your creative space in the Bella B Designs Inspire Me With YOUR Creative Space Link Party/Blog Hop! It has been such a great inspiration to have all the ideas!

    I have another hop starting today at It is on repurposed items! Hope you will join in!