Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Am I?

I am reading Katie Brazelton's book Pathway to Purpose for Women, in her book she asks the reader to write creative titles you may have. Here are a few I liked Family Financial Manager, Television Cop, Chief Cook, and Keeper of Family Heritage and Traditions. The last one is the role I really enjoy as a scrapbooker. I do feel a family without traditions is a family who will not survive, most of my fond memories are around the traditions my family had, some of those have now become my families traditions along with new ones and blended ones from Jeff's family. Of course I enjoy capturing these in pictures and movies. Other titles for me would be as I am laughing here I have to put this one Sex Kitten (no this is not a nickname it just popped into my head), Shepard, Professional Ear Rubber, Dr Boo boo Kisser, Grounder of the Wii, Homework Cop, Laundry Engineer, Home Economist, Savvy Shopper, and lastly I admit to Scrapbookaholic.


  1. Love it!!! Especially the ear-rubber!! Okay...we are so alike..I lOVE the music..Wildfire to Prince! We would have hung out if we were still in high school!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad I "found" your blog. I love your playlist, too. I think I would've hung out with you and Courtney in high school as well. ;-) I'm excited to keep coming back and visiting!