Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doll House for My Doll

This was a Christmas gift for my daughter, it was my doll house from when I was a child. Though when I had it the house was not finished on the inside. So I decided I wanted it to be all finished when we gave it to Emily. Well that was a big undertaking, and I have to admit it was not totally done when she got it. The stair cases are not in nor the doors and there is some trim work to finish. This was the third year in a row I was still working on a gift for Emily on Christmas Eve, I promise myself I will not due that again. Of course I brought Jeff into this project, he was in charge of putting the house back together. Since it had never been finished on the inside or outside it had been taken apart when my parents moved after I graduated from high school. He also was to put the siding, doors, windows, trim and staircase, yes most of the items not finished. I also placed a guilt trip on my parents so they ended up helping on Christmas Eve. My comment to my Dad was if you had finished it over thirty years ago I would not be in this predicament. My Dad sided the house while my Mom helped me single the roof. If it was not for their help Jeff would of been up all night working on it. It was worth the months of work which was put into the house. Emily just loves playing with her house and so do her Polly Pockets love their new home. For all of you avid Close to My Heart users you may recognize the paper on the third floor, though most of the wall paper was printed from which worked out wonderfully. I printed it on cardstock and then sprayed the front with a matte finish and used dollhouse wallpaper glue applied all over the back. I would like to thank my friend Audrey for the idea for the wood floor it was done with veneer tape which was ironed on. I do hope to also get around to making drapes, hopefully before it would go to my granddaughter.


  1. OOOOHHHHHHH!!! What a beautiful doll house! What a wonderful gift to your daughter. Great team work!

  2. Hey Carrie I had come by your blog last week and ooohhhhh and aaaaahhhhhh over this doll house you and hubby completed for your daughter!!! Always dreamed of having one of those as a little girl!!!! Now I get to come by again and THANK YOU for the awesome comment you left on my blog!!! You've made me smile this morning!!! I hope you are having a very blessed day!!!