Monday, May 18, 2009

It is more blessed to give then to receive

I was reading today's verse Acts 20:35 and how true it is when you really give of yourself. Reflecting on the times I have really given of myself freely how it has filled me up. It is a feeling no money can buy. The times I have been filled up the most were when I did things for complete stranges, no greater feeling then when someone calls you their angel. If you have never experienced this take a moment and ask God to put someone in your path but do not forget to then listen, nor question who he chooses or how he chooses. Do not ask if you are not prepared for what he may ask of you. Because you never know what God will ask of you, maybe it will be to send someone money, or mow the neighbors yard, or even buy food for the person standing on the corner holding up the sign saying will work for food. I would love to here your stories.


  1. You have a gift for blogging! I agree I am most blessed when I have given to strangers!

  2. I love getting to rally around our MOPS moms. Whether it's taking a meal to a new mommy or supporting a mom going through a difficult time, it's a huge blessing!

    A book that I recently read told a story of a man who suffered multiple injuries from a car accident. As he lay in the hospital and continued to refuse offers of help from friends, his pastor arrived. The pastor shared with this man that he was denying his friends the opportunity to serve-that Jesus commands us to this.

    I love an opportunity to bless others. It's much easier for me to do that than to accept a blessing from someone else. I'm working on it, though! I don't want to consciously deny anyone an opportunity to do that for me-especially if the Lord directed them to do so. After all, who am I to stand in the way of His plan?